OFIS - A Modern Smart Office Brings Productivity and Convenience

The era of smart office has arrived. Your office can now be smarter too. OFIS, a comprehensive end-to-end smart office solution from Blue Power Technology, will help you to establish a highly convenient, customizable, secure and modern smart office, not only to enhance employee productivity, but also to save cost and maximize resources with value-added support and services.


Safety and Security

OFIS' comprehensive and integrated IoT-based security solution helps your business to automate warning alarms and get real-time monitoring security system for your office and building, allowing your company to easily deliver better safety and security for your occupants.

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Smart Front Desk

Greater productivity and efficiency for all employees, including the front desk officers, are made possible by OFIS. It helps them in verifying visitor’s invitations, setting and sending automated notifications to visitors, showing vacant and occupied rooms, and displaying the meeting and information schedule.

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Smart Meeting Room

By using the modern technology of Internet of Things (IoT), OFIS makes your meeting rooms' system, such as scheduling, presentation, lighting control, displays, thermostats and automation, easier and faster to use.

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Utilizing connected devices provided by OFIS solutions streamlines or even entirely automates a number of routine tasks and manages different operations in a range of working situations, allowing employees to focus on the more important ones and become more productive at work.

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OFIS enables your business to create a future office environment that fits the digitalization era, in addition to delivering many sophisticated technologies including videotron, smart conference, seamless display, and smart glass, all of which have business perspective benefits.

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OFIS' integrated smart technologies make your office a more pleasant place to work since they make it easier for your employees to manage rooms, interact with one another quickly, go around their everyday business efficiently, and automatically control the atmosphere.

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Service and Facility

OFIS solution aims to remove unnecessary obstacles by simplifying tedious tasks such as managing office services and facilities such as parking management, payment management, cleaning service, and more inside the workplace.

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